Rats and Mice

Grey rat nibbling on some vegetation

There are a number of ways in which rats and mice are dangerous:


Both carry diseases that can be transferred to humans via their droppings, urine and hairs.


They will leave a trail of urine and droppings wherever they go within a property.  All foodstuffs MUST be disposed of alongside the recommended cleaning and disinfecting.


Rats and mice gnaw a range of materials and in any area of a property, eg. wiring in cavities and lofts.   At the least this will cause equipment not to work properly and at the worst can be the cause of fire.  

Control, Hygiene and Prevention

  • Rats and mice are controllable.
  • It is necessary to undertake a full survey of the property. At this point we will highlight all appropriate measures. 
  • We will recommend a specific baiting programme over an agreed period of time during which we will continue to liaise.

Hygiene and prevention

  • The very best ways to deter all rodents are good hygiene proofing.
  • However, it must be stressed that an infestation of rats or mice is not always an indication of poor hygiene. Particularly during the winter months and in rural areas, rodents can sometimes be purely looking for shelter. 

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