Mole in grass

As moles are not, in fact, blind, they simply don’t see very well when above ground.  Therefore, they use even the smallest vibration to navigate their way around when above ground. 

They survive on earthworms using their strong forearms and 'shovel-like' front feet to tunnel down into the ground creating holes to, essentially, catch their worms as they fall.  

This is why we often see mounds of earth on lawns and around gardens.  If left unattended the grass or plants that are growing above the tunnels die due to the lack of earth beneath their roots. 

This tunnelling activity can often make a lawn seem springy and, in worse cases, may cause collapse.  In fields where horses are kept there is an obvious danger of broken limbs associated with this.  

We have carried out mole clearance in:

  • Private gardens
  • Football pitches
  • Golf courses
  • Hotel Grounds

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